For 2015, PREMIERE Condoms got some of the hottest babes together for a workout that’s sure to leave you gasping for air.

Month after month, these ladies show us just how they got their perfect bodies: pumping and pushing to get trimmed, toned, and

Kookai Sarmiento

The name Kookai may sound so unsexy but it did serve its purpose – a total recall. Who doesn’t know Kookai Sarmiento? She made it to the pages of several men’s magazine – both print and online. She’s very active on all her social media accounts and she even has a business of her own. Indeed, Kookai Sarmiento’s everywhere and she’s here to stay. To date, one of her biggest accolades is becoming one of the elite members of the 2015 PREMIERE Vixens.

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Yuri Choii

With a widespread K-pop adulation, it isn’t hard to fall for Yuri Choii’s charm. She has this sweet smile that melt hearts but when she shows her curves and those long legs, there’s a fresh and raw sex appeal that roars to every man’s senses. Yuri is the youngest among the PREMIERE Vixens and this is one of her biggest gig before she became FHM Philippines’ #NewCrush and everyone’s “Seoul-mate.” Yuri has come a long way but it’s only the beginning.

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Samantha Miguel

In Samantha Miguel’s journey to sexy, she mentioned that she only accompanied someone else at a go-see and the rest, they say, is history. Whoever gave her the chance to show what she’s got, we are giving you a digital high five! We couldn’t agree more that she’s got that fierce yet sultry face paired with a svelte body to die for. Samantha Miguel may be a model by chance but she isn’t a PREMIERE Vixen by accident – it’s her destiny!

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Sachi Chinda

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that Sachi Chinda could pull off that sensual vibe. But this unassuming half-Japanese hottie is a bonafide car show model. She will leave you breathless with that porcelain skin which she owes to her East Asian genes. She will send you into overdrive with those killer curves that were placed in all the right places. Truly, Sachi Chinda is a PREMIERE Vixen unleashed. She’s the proof that great things come in a small [and sexy] package.

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Min Capones

Min Capones is a woman with a polarizing appeal. At first glance, her sweet little face resembles that of an angel but when you stare at her from neck to toe, her luscious curves are like sinful delights. She has an aura of a vulnerable princess and a damsel in distress but this athletic chick is one tough cookie that can actually kick your ass. She’s sugar, spice and everything nice with a sexy twist! With those unparalleled attributes, there is no denying that Min is true-blue PREMIERE Vixen – sexy yet classy.

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Charm dela Cruz

Behind Charm dela Cruz’ quiet and shy demeanor lies a woman with a strong persona. Aside from the obvious that she’s statuesque and she’s blessed with salivating curves and a foxy face, this elusive PREMIERE Vixen knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Aren’t those the quality of a charming independent woman? Truly, Charm dela Cruz is a total package.

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