Premiere Condoms | Vixens
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Every time we launch a new batch of PREMIERE Vixens, there are at least one or two who are fresh-faced. This year, we have Rutchelle Ulit. She is relatively new to the biz. In fact, becoming our brand ambassador for 2017 is her first major gig. How can you let go of her raw and unadulterated charm? You take her in, put the spotlight on and let the world know about this golden discovery. We’re 100% sure that this sultry morena will soon be rocking your social media feeds and your fantasies.


Talk to Cyndi Garcia about everything and you’ll end up having a funny and laugh-laden conversation. Just like her fellow Vixens, she is an energizer bunny full of energy. This voluptuous babe knows how to turn sleepy times into a fun and crazy moments. For someone so dedicated, passionate and hard working like Cyndi, this is just another day at the office. She believes that there should be no time for desolate days. More so, this goal-getter strongly agrees that funny is the new sexy.


When you say PREMIERE Vixen, she has to be sexy and totally smashing. The year 2017 is definitely a year for a paradigm shift. Who says hot women can’t get you ROFL? With this batch, when you yearn for a good laugh, Lai Austria surely knows how to tickle your funny bone. Lai is a pro on how to throw a punch line while striking a pose on a shoot. She is indeed a character and her sense of humor is no slapstick. She’s so spot on just like her massive sex appeal.


Fhaye Lorenzo is on a roll this 2017. This mestiza beauty bagged multiple endorsements this year including a coveted spot in the elite circle of PREMIERE Vixens 2017. We wouldn’t be surprised. She’s got that foxy charm that every man and even woman would not resist. More so, Fhaye is a certified head-turner at car shows and various events that fans would stop and line up for a selfie with her. This self-confessed one-of-the-boys and gamer girl is an impeccable choice to headline our ads and our events.


Not all PREMIERE Vixens are created in a single mold. We have seen the horde of ladies sashayed their way into becoming our brand ambassadors and they are all unique in their own way. Case to point: Kim Luz. Her type is one-of-kind. This statuesque hottie stormed in the go-see oozing with the right balance of poise, confidence and sex appeal. This hottie on the rise she knows how to flirt with the camera. Kim epitomizes the new breed of PREMIERE Vixens – charming and sweet in a fierce and feisty package.


There is no such thing as a dull moment for Anne Magno. For someone who calls herself as “Barney” on Facebook, Anne really knows the definition of having fun. This pint-sized honey can light up the room with her contagious laughter without smearing the sexy off her character. Her feisty curves that compliment well with a killer smile are truly polarizing. Who says you can’t mix bubbly and sexy in one fierce concoction? It may sound like a cliché but great things really come in small packages.